The one thing that can be said about America’s overly generous welfare benefit programs is that a) indeed they are overly generous; and b) they are so stuffed with taxpayer money that waste, fraud, and abuse is rampant. Take the case of Julie Osnes, once the head of South Dakota’s food stamp prog

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In a truly free country I wouldn't have to pay for some free loader. The gov shouldn't be allowed to hand out one dime in charity to a person a country or anyone else, if someone needs help let the people close to them offer assistance if they won't then let them die. If society is so messed up that it can't or won't take care of its own then it deserves to die off and let a more compassionate people arise. If this sounds hard to you it just means that you are part of the problem not the solution. Gov welfare is death by a thousand cuts for the giver and the receiver and will end in disaster for everyone and then no one will be helping anyone because the gov stole from the producers until the producers had no more. Just for the record I don't know anyone that donates a bigger percentage of their income than I do to help said people. I'm sure there is but I haven't ran into them. In the bible it says be productive so that you have something to give others. It doesn't say be productive so that the gov can steal it from you and give it to someone else.

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