In the age of POTUS Donald Trump, the so-called “mainstream media” obsesses over every tweet, every word, every statement, and every action looking to find some angle, some new way to attack him. When they believe they find a ‘good one’ — like falsely claiming he preferred the white supremacists

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Ya know sometimes less is more. This is absolutely not news at all and it's everywhere It's just the SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY ,for over a decade. It just blows my mind how, people are too stupid, to use the power of the purse, any more!


So what? I like the likely. You will have to explain how it is illegal for them to meddle. Short of ballot stuffing it is legal for business to enforce it's beliefs on it's property. Part of having so many different sides to, every story, make this very hard to prove. Experts will refute experts, leaving reasonable doubt as viable. Especially to a biased/bought judge or, prosecutor.

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