The regime’s aggressions are an attempt to find a way out of the economic punishment that our sanctions have inflicted.

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"Our natural instinct would be to hit Iran hard for its depredations" Your aggressive instincts are nothing to be proud of, Washington. And it's US depredations we should all be worrying about.

"Rarely has a foreign country seemed so eager to get bombed by the United States" Who writes this shit? Ah yes...The Editors A nameless bunch of warmongering morons.


More like "Why National Review Wants to Get [Americans] Bombed [again]." The US is the historic aggressor in the long conflict with Iran, and needs to withdraw from the Middle East entirely before chickenhawks like NRO editors bring it to its knees with another war it cannot win that will provoke retaliation.


I wonder if USA chickenhawks already chose the next skyscraper to drop. Will it be Trump Tower or Empire State Building?

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