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another example of people unwilling to take responsibility for their own choices but more than willing to let someone else pay for it. we need tort reform. if not responsible cannot be made pay. person bringing case should be made to pay if loose.


Just another scare tactic to actually knee jerk more people into buying guns now rather than wait! How many were thinking about buying a gun last month? Just a few in reality! The dems and their big mouths sold them off of shelves with their fear porn threats! They say take take take while they actually sell sell sell!

This talk here just sells more to av. law abiding tax paying joe in America sayin' to the wife right about now, "Honey I know schools coming and the kids need shoes but we better put that off and get that gun I wanted for hunting season or it's just going to cost us more later with more hoops to jump through if I can do it at all!" And off they go to buy a gun no one needed until desperation was put in the mix! See how they do this now!? Trump was elected and in 2017 a massive die off of gun sales and NRA membership happened. They were hurting for biz and guess what this fiasco did for them? You got it. Things are not what they appear to be folks! Funny biz going on here because it's the dems that sell all the guns not the right!

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