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"Democrats also contend Trump’s directive to restrict top administration officials from testifying before Congress "

Every President has done this and they will continue to do this. Terrible precedent for the Democrats to set considering the next Democrat President will likely do this too.


This has nothing to do with impeachment, this is a coup by the left to subvert the election


Note: Congress gave the power to the president to use his Executive privilege and every prez uses it. If they wanted they could take it back and do so through a vote officially but they do this. Which won't fly at all because quite frankly the entire thing is bogus and the dems are about to have their asses handed to them! What is worse is that they can't even see the damage they have done to their party and it's as if they don't really even care about that. All they care about is getting Trump! The real reason for this may shock the world! It has nothing to do with any of what they are telling us!


Just two articles of impeachment? Come one, are they even trying? Shouldn't they have a list a mile long?

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