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Notice this line: "but that she did not believe the agencies had no reason to suspect Flynn of possible criminal activity."

What the fuck; She worked at the Department of Justice and comes out with a statement like that. What law has she been practicing Communist Jurisprudence? Hey, lady are you saying you have evidence that he committed a crime, because if you don't then his is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I do not have any evidence that he did not commit a crime so he could have committed a crime. Either you have evidence that he did commit a crime or you don't . If you do not have evidence that a crime has been committed you do not proceed to indite somebody. You know why? Because that would be would be a witch hunt. Where you prosecute the man to find a crime. That is the law practiced in Communist Countries like Mainland China. Are we living in Mainland China? NO. If you want to practice that kind of law go to fucking Communist China you absolute twat doddle.

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