Most categorizations of adversaries are of little relevance to our understanding of strategy. The popular distinction between state and non-state actors has no bearing on the capacity of the respective actors to behave strategically. The labels of asymmetric or symmetric adversaries only convey that the two sides are somehow different from each other. Dividing adversaries... View Article

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A solid article. In context, the Political Right has been a fragile force against Globohomo, which is a resilient force. The only way for us to succeed is to become antifragile and ensure that we can become stronger over time, despite any setbacks or losses.

Gab is an excellent example of an antifragile force, but this needs to apply across the board in all areas. Get involved in your local Republican party and push the America First agenda. For now, ignore the politics at the National level, since the local level is where real change can take place.


Long but very interesting.

Snip: In the next section, I briefly discuss the concept of antifragility to distinguish it from fragility and resilience. The subsequent section develops a typology of adversaries, dividing them into the respective categories.


Great read. This should be taught in grade school. It probably is.... in Russia :D

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