MSNBC's Joy Reid grills former Trump aide on campaign's efforts to block African-American votes: 'Don't you think that is racist?'

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As I explained elsewhere, this is exactly why the Fascicrats commit the VOTER FRAUD in Detroit and NOT Ann Arbor MI --- when called on FACTS of obvious Fraud --- THEY PLAY RACE-CARD! Same as Milwaukee, Philidelphia, Atlanta, Maricopa County AZ, Clark County NV! They know FACTS are never on their side, so they rig the situation just like the Vote - so as to be able to DEFLECT from Facts via RaceBaiting!

Did you see the crazed WHITE LIBERAL (who doesn't even live in Detroit) SCREAMING RACISM on that Zoom call over the Wayne County Canvassing situation?!?! Who was she screaming RACISM at?!?! A BLACK FEMALE REPUBLICAN WHO DOES ACTUALLY LIVE IN DETROIT (details the complicit ENEMEdia leaves out to aid/abet the Fascicrats' RACE BAIT routine)!


What a stinking, festering crock of diseased filth.

There is NO WAY to know which ballots are "African-American" and which are not.

Of course, this is from the gossip rag read by Hollywood and other airheads. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Hell, I shouldn't even be boosting this sewage by commenting on it.


Not only it is racist but it full of self-hatred from Trump's aide.


What is racist is the Democrats by doing their biggest and most crude cheating in predominantly black communities.

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