SALT LAKE CITY - A homeless man is accused of slitting the throat of a Utah woman after she allowed

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seems to be some lesson to learn here.


When you believe the progressive cult's nonsense...


Nothing of value lost.


Well-intentioned, but unwise. I advise to give wisdom the precedence over good intentions.


30 years old and homeless... That's not enough of a red flag?


It's called "Toxic Compassion Syndrome". It mainly afflicts whamens but can also afflict beta males. At least in her case, the scum she let into her house only killed her. In Europe, the whamens let sub-human illegal immigrants into their homes, who then proceed to rape the children in the house.

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2022-20-Mo 08:20:28 pm

It's called "Toxic Compassion Syndrome". It mainly afflicts whamens but can also afflict beta males. At least in her case, the scum she let into her house only killed her. In Europe, the whamens let sub-human illegal immigrants from into their homes, who then proceed to rape the children in the house.


A person being homeless is a key indicator of a problem that person is having, there are only five reasons for homelessness:

  1. Mental illness - clearly you should avoid these people as they are unstable and maybe prone for violent outbursts.
  2. Drug Addicts - unlike group 1, they do not have any defined mental illness other than their addition, but like the first group their behavior is highly unstable, and their dependency will lead them to commit criminal acts in order to secure more drugs.
  3. Criminals - This group has chosen to live on the fringes of society because they reject social norms and values, and have embraced criminal activities to feed their needs. While some may use drugs and alcohol, they are not necessarily control by those appetites like group 2. They will victimize anyone in order to make sure their needs are met.
  4. Victims of circumstances - these are a minority group, they are not members of the proceeding groups, and their homelessness is due to exigence circumstances (i.e. loss of housing due to unemployment).
  5. Hermits/Hobos - This is probably the small percentage of homeless, as they like the criminal class, have chosen to reject the societal norms, but unlike the criminal class, they do not victimize others to pay for their lifestyle choices. Also, give their predilection for living outside of society, they typically reject living in urban areas and are not likely to be encountered by others outside of their own group.

All of these groups may resort to panhandling to help them cover their expenses, as limited as those may be, but considering that most of the homeless are in the first three groups (mental illness, drug addicts, and criminals) it is unwise to entertain these people desires. Allowing these people to enter your life, and especially your home, is not only unwise but (as in this case) HIGHLY dangerous. You are not doing them any favor by mindlessly giving them money or any other assistance unless you are certain of their situation and their mental condition. Compassion should never exceed caution of those who are "gaming the system", if someone is panhandling for money claiming they need it for food, then give them food not money; if they are offended or reject it, then you know their true goal was the money, and they knew you wouldn't give it if they told you the truth about their need.


"The victim was transported to a local hospital for emergency surgery and was later upgraded to critical but stable condition.'

Thank God. Let's hope she doesn't make the same well-intentioned mistake a second time.

There is no nice way to say this, so I'll just say it and to Hell with the optics. Speaking as somebody who lives in a major city and has dealt with the homeless before, I can tell anybody who asks that most of the homeless are psychotic and should be avoided, not even talked to like they're people. I know that sounds horrible, but the last thing you should want to get is the attention of a psychopath. Just walk on, try not to acknowledge them, and if they don't respect your lack of respect, call the cops on them.

What will happen, next? In my neighborhood, I find that when the cops arrest one of these guys, I never see him, again. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe they beat him up and he's too scared to come back. Maybe he ends up in one of those "black sites" that we hear about, and nobody is ever going to see him again. Maybe they are killed, their bodies are cremated and their ashes flushed down the toilet at the station they're brought into. I don't know. There's just one thing I'm clear on.

I don't care. Does somebody think I should care? Then how sad for them, but maybe they need to have a talk with the next of kin of that girl who got shoved in front of an on-coming subway car by one of the "downtrodden unfortunates" and bled to death under the train. These are not harmless people, as a group.

"But what about the victims of downsizings, the people whose businesses were forcibly shut down by the government during the Covid panic, and other genuine victims of circumstance?", somebody might ask and yes, they exist. I'm sure we've all read the stories about that engineer who ended up living under a viaduct over an interstate because of outsourcing, but let's note a few key points ...

  1. He wasn't in a city. He was out in the middle of nowhere.
  2. He was White, and (formerly) professional class.
  3. The violent offending party in this news story was Black.
  4. Affirmative action has been around for decades.

To merely be destitute is not enough, on its own, to make one into a homeless person. One has to be homeless without a base of support. This seems to happen in two main ways.



There's a great man who often tells a wonderful story about a woman and a snake.


First of all, why would you ever do this? Same as those idiots who hike the world for world peace saying all people just want love....only to end up beheaded is Somewhereistan. Second, charged only with aggravated assault?!?! Slitting someone's throat is attempted murder.

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