MINNEAPOLIS -- Police officers in the Minneapolis suburb of Champlin erected barriers around the home of the officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, 20,

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Shoot and kill rioters.

Problem is.....they are Black?


It was a totally justified shooting - there was no "accident" in using deadly force; it was appropriate. He refused to comply and police feared for their lives and safety and their colleagues. Soros funded DAs/AGs should not be permitted to overcharge and invent a fake news political narrative.


For her families safety she needs to move somewhere rural for awhile while they figure this out. #BrooklynCenter #DaunteWright


Patriots and other good people will come to her defendse. All too often our proud law enforcement faces vile criminal scum and then has to face backlash from communities that admire vile criminal scum. I think we really have had enough of blacks rampaging unchecked. Something will be done about this threat to western civilization.


It is a shame the enforcement arm of tyranny will not go to such lengths to protect the homes of regular citizens. Are we supposed to have sympathy for this murderer? She killed a man in cold blood. He was not a threat. She executed him. The police should take note. The people hold the power. This is what happens when you break the law. The police are not above the law. If the courts won't deliver justice, then the citizens must.

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