WASHINGTON -- A Washington D.C., police officer has been indicted for murder after a man on a moped was struck

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Let's just make it illegal to arrest black people and then get rid of the police. We can deal with it later.


So, literally, cops are not allowed to enforce the law if the suspects flees. Does that mean if you don't pull over in DC, the cops can't pursue you?


This is insane. The deceased got himself killed fleeing from a police officer, in order to evade a ticket he was getting for something that really was a violation of the law and not at all safe (riding his moped down a sidewalk), and that makes the cop a murderer?

This is why we're getting thug cops. Because a non-psychopath is going to look at an incident like this, and think that there is no way he'd ever want to be a cop, himself. Jurisdictions that run themselves this way are destined to get the cops that those writing their laws deserve.

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