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The toll of #BelieveAllWomen without evidence.

Twenty-six years after their conviction, two men are exonerated after their accuser, faced with DNA evidence proving her perjury, recants her testimony.

Barely into adulthood at the time of their conviction, now with grey in their beards. The stigma of rapist has been removed, but can never be truly erased.

"Why would women lie about rape?"; feminists ask. For the same reasons anyone lies about anything, because the lies provide some benefit that the truth would not. In this case it was an attempt to lessen and shift negative attention away from herself. Not to mention that there is rarely ever an appropriate negative consequence for making a false accusation. Considering how effective it is at putting the spotlight on someone else, and how little punishment women receive when caught, the real question is; Why would women ever tell the truth?.

It is actually one of the most common reasons for a false accusation: When she gets caught cheating. When her promiscuity begins to negatively impact her reputation. When her parent's catch her drunkenly sneaking in past curfew. When she didn't study for the final exam and is afraid of failing. These are real examples of why why women have lied to shift focus off themselves, and destroy an innocent man in the process.

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