With much at stake β€” Georgia's two elections Jan. 5 will decide which party runs the Senate β€” Californians are volunteering by making calls, sending texts and sometimes even traveling across the country.

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Don't allow FASCICRATS (aka: Commieforniacrats) to California Georgia!!!!!

Californians are virtual volunteers in Georgia Senate races - Los Angeles Times https://trends.gab.com/item/5fe4793d4f5da72fc5899330

Remember: #Hollywood did a #BOYCOTT of #Georgia over wanting to force you to allow MEN in WOMEN'S bathrooms and #Georgians' Traditional #Marriage views (even though, just a few years before the people of #CA voted for PROP8 (Traditional Marriage) themselves (that the Fascicrats quickly showed the WILL OF THE PEOPLE doesn't matter to them and used Liberal Activist Courts to strike down the People's vote)! Don't remember? LOOK IT UP! They took away #JOBS / #Revenues of/from your Friends, Family, Neighbors, all but drying up the once thriving #GA #Movie industry (thankfully, good Christian Conservative Studios came to fill some of that Void - Republicans supporting GA Families and Values)!

Now, #Hollyweirdo #Pedophile Klan wants to FLOOD #GA W/ 100's of MILLIONS of $$$$$$$ to try & BUY your #USSenate seats for #Fascicrats * #Ossoff & #Warnock who would #Vote with #Schumer's ( #NYValues ) and #Commiefornia #IllegalsFirst rather than #Georgians #AmericaFirst #Values and #Principles .

#GOTV #Perdue ** & #Loeffler ** on Jan 5 Then on Jan 6, we must start immediate search for Candidates to PRIMARY RINOs Kemp and Raffensperger!

** https://secure.winred.com/georgians-for-kelly/homepage-donate?sc=winred-directory https://secure.winred.com/david-perdue/perdueforsenate?sc=winred-directory https://secure.winred.com/georgia-republican-party-inc/donate?sc=winred-directory https://secure.winred.com/nrsc/home-page?sc=winred-directory related: https://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html

Trump held Georgia Trump Rally for Perdue and Loeffler (SAT DEC 5) and VP Pence just finished a Rally there (Thu Dec 17)....


Trump held Georgia Trump Rally for Perdue and Loeffler (SAT DEC 5) and VP Pence just finished a Rally there (Thu Dec 17)....

Why should you support Perdue and Loeffler for GASen Runoff Jan 5 (aside from the whole FATE OF AMERICA may weigh in the balance (as an aside to whole #StopTheSteal of #Election2020 from #POTUS45 (for that issue -see: https://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html ))?!?!?

Well, let's start with KellyLoeffler - She was only recently appointed to #USSenate by Governor #Kemp (which in many peoples' minds, including mine, made her a bit "suspect" so I KEPT A CLOSE EYE ON HER (and after Jan 5 Runoff we then need to find solid Conservatives to Primary RINOs Kemp and Raffensperger)) therefore not been there long for a whole lot to Judge her upon! She has been a SOLID CONSERVATIVE VOTE thus far and no reason to believe she would go SWAMP CREATURE if returned to the USSenate (and, again, since having been appointed, she is up for Special Election, and will be up again due to the situation after the Term she is fulfilling completes - therefore knows PEOPLE WILL BE WATCHING)!!! She is a BUSINESS WOMAN (no, let's not call her Trump in a Skirt) not career Politician and owner of the GA WNBA Team (and by way of endorsement, many of the Libtard kneeler moron Players of her team OPPOSE HER (Tells you exactly why to support her)!

As for DavidPerdue? WHO you say? Exactly!!! One of the chief reasons to support Dave is YOU DON'T HEAR ABOUT DAVE! Dave is NON CONTROVERSIAL. He is a SOLID PRO AMERICA, PRO US WORKER, AMERICA FIRST, VOTE IN ?USSENATE?! Unlike fools like ?#Romney? who you hear about endlessly, due to his NOT POSITIVE (in so far as PRO TRUMP goes) antics, just like everyone knew McLame - DAVE IS RELIABLE, NOT A RINO!

GOTV in GA on Jan 5... but before that... DONATE.....






related: https://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html


PRESIDENT #TRUMP #STOPTHESTEAL / #SAVETHEUSSENATE Rally was Sat Dec 5, now there are fake TRUMP SUPPORTERS trying to circumvent our obvious course of action!

BEWARE OF THE LIBERAL TROLLS CREATING NEW ACCOUNTS ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS PRETENDING TO BE CONSERVATIVES (be sure to check JOIN DATE and BE SUSPICIOUS of any/all joined since Nov 4, they are DESPERATE to get you to sit out (or other such shit disturbing antics) Jan 5 #GASen #Runoffs and allow #FASCICRATS #OSSOFF and #WARNOCK win (support #Perdue & #Loeffler)!

NO REAL CONSERVATIVE! NO REAL REPUBLICAN! Would ever sit idly (or worse as the Fake Conservative Trolls are doing - trying to get you to sitout) by and allow a FASCICRATS NOMINEE (for anything from DogCatcher to President) to Win an Election! EVER! Ignore the MORON #RINOSFORBIDEN crowd and/or LIBTARD TROLL MORONS (who created a new Account over the past few days, liars, FAKE CONSERVATIVES PROFILES) claiming they are sitting out the #GASEN #RUNOFFS on Jan 5 and that "you should too!" Only a MORON or a LIAR would suggest anyone sit idly by and allow FASCICRATS #OSSOFF and #WARNOCK "just be given" a #USSENATE seat, for any reason - at all - EVER! DONATE TO, SUPPORT (regardless of where you Live in #USA), both #TRUMP ENDORSED CANDIDATES #DAVIDPERDUE and #KELLYLOEFFLER (WINRED.COM, select GA in State pulldown)! Also see: https://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html

If YOU LITERALLY want to cut off your Nose to spite your Face - then you go right ahead, you only hurt yourself that way. NOT SUPPORTING PERDUE and LOEFFLER (to STOP BIDEN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, FASCICRATS AGENDA) harms 330M Americans and no-one should do that, even if LIFE THREATENED by #BlackLyingMarxists FASCICRATS crowd! Your Childrens' Future demands you STAND UP AND BE COUNTED FOR PERDUE AND LOEFFLER as President TRUMP has called for (has endorsed them, and having SaveTheUSSenate Rally for them Dec 5)!

more/related: https://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html


Gee, I wonder who is going to win? lol



Volunteer voters, no doubt.


Hm.. I wonder how many from China?


Nothing gets Georgians to support your candidate like a Californian telling you who to vote for.


So Texas and the other 20 or so states have no "standing" according to SCOTUS about what the 4 recalcitrant States, starting with Georgia, did in the course of the election of the chief Executive of the United States. But a liberal State like California seems to have the right to not only be concerned about what happens in Georgia and the final control of the Senate of the USA, but its citizens have every right to interfere and try to influence the vote up to and including making efforts to illegally get onto the Georgia election rolls,


My lord! That's an ugly piece of charcoal right there.


That is a fking ugly woman....πŸ€”

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