Trump perverted foreign policy by asking Ukraine to investigate Biden

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  1. The President is in charge of US foreign policy. 2. Trump could give a shit about "political favor for himself". Don't you read his tweets? 3. Biden wasn't a concern 16 months before the 2020 blowout and is even less of one now. 4. Let Voldemort speak. 5. Impeachment will hurt the dems so "bring it". Enough GOP reps will vote for it in case the dem reps start getting cold feet.

This will be fun. Sorry.


TDS is a terrible thing to see. Fortunately it is the LA Times that really is not part of the US anymore. Expect them to change from English to Spanish any day now. Good riddance.


"We worried that impeaching Trump on essentially a party-line vote would be divisive."

Then you decided to join the Democratic Party.

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