"Drawn to You" was to be a fun night using art as conversation starters for would-be couples. When no men show up, the event becomes a conversation about the nightmare of dating in the digital age.

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Why no men showed up:

First, it's speed dating, in and art museum, with portrait drawing. That's a pretty damn small niche. It's not designed to attract the average guy, these women are looking to land a big fish.

Second, look at the picture. There's maybe one under 35, the rest look 40+, obese, and/or ugly. These are post wall women, looking for beta provider for retirement. Even SIMPs see these type of women as a last resort.

Leah Solomon, 58. Case in point. Here's a woman that bailed on a 21 year marriage after cheating on her husband. With two kids I'm sure she checked out with all the cash and prizes. She then blames the guy she cheated with for not making the same mistake her ex-husband made. Seriously? He knows firsthand that you've proven unfaithful, did you really expect him marry you?

On top of all that she's a "performance artist". When a woman says this, 90% of the time it means she's been nude in public while objects enter or exit her orifices.

Next we have Kerry Wieder, who so perfectly fits the stereotype of the bitter post wall feminist dyke that I have to question if she's there to meet men or went to try and hook up with one of the other women.

Following that train wreck we have Katie. Poor Katie wants to believe she's there alone because of men, not her own choices.

Can't forget Jaray, she's uncomfortable at first, but at least they are all being rejected, and there's alcohol.

But the night isn't a total bust! Some sympathetic hipster simp took them to the bar for some drinks. Oh happy happy day.


How I would have loved to be there so I could mansplain why no men showed up.


let me guess...lesbian cat lady orgy?

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2019-55-Sa 07:55:55 am

lesbian cat lady orgy?


Stop looking for a date. Go and do things you enjoy and you're likely to find people with similar interests.

Avoid the bars and clubs and certainly don't speed date. Nothing says "cattle auction" quite like speed dating.


Looks like Lucy and her ten cats are out of luck yet again.


Were any present under a size 16?


Men want women who are women. We don't want a tall blonde, busty, old, but youthful looking, ex-wife who reeks of desperation. Be Women. Be Feminine, be the Opposite of Men.


Better off wanking


I'd rather go fishing than speed date with manatees


Damn this says more about these women than men, men will pretty much date anything with a pulse but this is one horror show of ugly.

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