Columnist George Skelton writes that Newsom’s landslide victory proved what most already knew: No Trump-supporting conservative can win statewide office in liberal-leaning California.

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The thing that should concern Californians the most is not that the election was clearly cooked, but what they should be mindful of is the fact that Newsom obviously had to make a few promises to the vote counters to retain his top seat. If this wasn't the case he wouldn't have been quaking in his boots two weeks ago and then swung widely to being completely arrogant the day before the polls. Additionally, check his victory speech. He is shakier than a horse with two bum legs, probably because he knows that he now needs to follow the orders he will be given to destroy what's left of the state like a good little bitch.

This is going to get interesting. If you live there get out. If you don't live there be thankful. And call California gone forever and focus on the other 49.


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