The Latino Coalition of L.A. held a press conference Friday to demand justice and law enforcement cooperation in the killing of Daniel Hernandez.

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How many Americans have been killed by drunk illegal Mexicans in the past 50 years? You'd have to go to the Remembrance Project website to find anything about it.



He's hispanic.

I have it on good authority that only black lives matter.

Tell the latinos to get in line before BLM burns their fucking houses down.


LOL "latino Coalition" what a nonsensical term> there IS no such thing as a Latino, unless you mean Roman or perhaps italian. its just these bloated mestizos were colonized by both Spain AND portugal so you can't refer to them as Hispanic. The term iberian would be far more descriptive. If they are Mexican? its far more realistic to refer to them as indians... since the amount of Spanish blood in the current population is exceedingly small. Mexico is and always was a country of Indigenous Amerindians. I'm far more interested in the Apache

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