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Honestly, while I agree that he had a lapse in judgement there, I'm not about to abandon Trump over that. People need to realize that Trump is facing constant opposition on nearly all sides EXCEPT for his fellow loyal Republican colleagues and his national supporters.

At least he has the courage to admit when something feels awkward to him, unlike Omar, who refuses to take back her antisemitic comments and condemn the likes of Antifa and the constant calls for violence against conservatives.

Trump is our ONLY glimmer of hope for this country, despite whatever faults Trump has. Because like everyone else, Trump is human too. Give the man some slack here.


Throwing your base under the bus.... not smart... but then, he already understands that his base have no other choice but him... because the alternatives are so bad... so he is secure enough to abuse his base.


We have already reacted. Most of us agree with him on this. Those who don't, recall that even POTUS is entitled to his own opinion. The only reaction I am still awaiting is the Left's realization that it will take way more than anything like this is break us up.


And if we send her back now, she will not stand trial for immigration crimes nor lying on her election paperwork. 4D. All felonies.

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