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AI has to be able to take care of itself before it can off us.

And the sole best reason to not allow anyone to put hardware in your brain, is because hardware can be reprogrammed hacked and fucked with.

right now you got google socially engineering via their search completes and results. imagine them being able to do that inside your brain.

or the nightmare fuel terrorists getting into a neural network and mass messing with peoples brains to say support islam or terrorism.

when you have direct access to your brain, which we do not even fully understand, and your going to allow people to stick stuff inside there and fiddle with it and its going to be wifi connected all the time and probably chatting with other brains.

we have no clue what the soul is how it functions and there is nothing at all to suggest that a "soul" cannot arise naturally same way being self conscious is something that evolves even in HUMAN children they not born self aware, it takes a 1 2 year old human brain to be able to conceive self vs external. animals will even vary within species on the self aware front a few iq shy and your cat will not recognize itself in a mirror. many cats navigate mirrors just fine however.

So stating we cant put your soul into a computer is idiotic they do not know what COMPRISES the soul to know if it can be digitized. if your making this claim it has ONE basis and it is not scientific.

do better :P

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