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I will never understand why people and organizations who have been thrown off Twitter and Facistbook seem the gravitate to Gettr or any other Apple or Google play store supported app when everyone knows they will be censored and probably thrown off those stores thus killing them. Gab is fully capable and stands for free speech and Andrew Torba has built an entire system without any connection to Apple or Google. Gab deserves to be the first in line for anyone thrown off or censored by the App stores or any other woke social network.


So you joined Gettr because Joe Rogan joined it? This idea of spreading out over dozens of alternative sites will just be spread thin, and will never challenge the big tech giants. There is nothing wrong with GAB. I hope GAB keeps growing.


I know the right is fucked. I know this because they fear Gab. Fear being known to be on Gab. Cowards, the lot.

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