Trade with with China being created to hide crash in the greater global economy

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For a long time I've opposed the globalization of the financial markets. It's clear that globalists have long used this to manipulate countries economies and impose their authoritarian will on anyone who they feel opposes their domineering actions. While it would take a huge amount of effort to rip the economy away from this global monster, in the long run I feel it would be worth it.

It's also clear that they are going to use the implosion of the US economy to try and get their candidate, likely Killery, selected as president. The funny thing though is among the 99%, I bet there are very few who would actually feel that president Trump's actions caused any economic problems. Most people I've spoken to agree with his trying to even the imbalance in trade between the US and China. Equally, those same people feel that the US should totally break both the NAFTA and TPP "agreements". Unfortunately president Trump has not kept his promise to get us out of NAFTA and not sign the TPP (he's signed a variant of it. A renamed version).

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