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Yeah, and if you'd shown him The Land Before Time, he'd have thought he was a dinosaur.

It boggles the mind how readily these people can just abandon common sense.

Do they not remember their own childhoods? Do they not remember thinking or believing utterly ridiculous or outright crazy things as a kid and then growing up and learning better?

I remember some granola bars my parents used to get. We generally had two kinds around the house. One larger, flatter variety shaped kind of like a power bar with stuff like peanut butter in them and smaller, boxier ones that had stuff like miniature chocolate chips or dried fruit embedded. The smaller ones had something indicating they were 'for women' on them, and, being 3 or 4 years old, I got it into my head that meant if I ate one I'd turn into a girl.

So I didn't. I never asked for that kind. I never did tell my mom or dad about my concerns, but I wasn't really fussed cause the peanut butter granola bars not only tasted great but were bigger besides.

As an adult, I can look back on that and realise the 'for women' just meant it had some calcium or folate in it or both.


So is Wade the gay pedophile who fucked up his kid's mind, or was it an uncle or cousin who did it right under Wade's nose? Wade is a worthless father and guilty of child abuse either way.


Arrest Dwayne Wade for abusing his child! Fucking moron!

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