When the Left launches its civil war of lawlessness and violence upon America, it’s patriots like us who will stop them

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Remember people, when you fight an enemy you go for the head first. Leadership must be eliminated, then the clean up can proceed.


The biggest worry I have is a weapon of mass destruction being slipped in in the chaos--unleashing the bioweapons they've been working on, decimating society and order, then bringing in their shock troops (even robotic troops).


Cut the head of the snake off first. Cutting the body will not kill it, it will only make you feel better but the snake will continue to live.


It doesn't matter; Democrats do not hang. They are Teflon and if it makes you feel better to shoot the messenger go ahead.


The biggest problem we the people we’ll have in civil war 2.0 is that most of us will be one-man armies, protecting our homes and families. Without any leadership, organization into at the very minimum a paramilitary cadre of men will lead and men who will follow, we’ll picked off one home at a time.

Of course, such a stimulus will warrant an adjusting response. Men banding together in guerrilla warfare groups and this will only occur once our homes are destroyed and our families killed and scattered. It will be a time when the only thing left to lose is one’s life.

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