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"And yes, I’m talking about black people because that’s who I care about."

Well, I just lost interest in her predicament!


Well wanting to feed your kids healthy is racist and whit eprivliage this is what you deserve. Dont ask me for help I dont wanna be called a racist.


Yeah...when you burn down your own neighborhood that happens. I hope she's raising her children better than the hoodlums that burnt the store down, but I doubt it.


Blacks riot; blacks most affected. I don't care about blacks, you or your damn kids.

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2020-57-We 07:57:41 am

Black riot; blacks most affected. I don't care about blacks, you or your damn kids.


Yep, I called it. Burn the pharmacies and now Tyrone's grandma can't get her hypertension meds. Stupid fucks.


You can't feed your kids? Too freaking bad. Get your baby daddies to feed them. Or better yet, make the world a better place by not feeding them and get yourself, and the baby daddies, sterilized.


If Trump would stop being politically correct and say what this woman says, or even get her to join him to use the video, Republicans would join Democrats to impeach Trump.

Republicans are poised to impeach to appease an enemy within to stop the war, lose the war. Officially surrender the USA to Socialist Communism that will quickly be accepted in a fully bankrupted country (businesses, individuals, government).

The enemy within then makes a massive money grab with broad high taxation, and a gun grab, removing 2A.

Then the destruction will rise up again at a greater level. So why not now instead of later? The USA does not exist and politicians clearly don’t care. Don’t unite to squash the crazed violent destructive racist USA hating, Republic government hating, anarchical terrorists.

Oddly even the Generals of the Armed Forces, USA defenders, are not speaking out. They should be united in telling Congress to give them the ok to squash the enemy within that is destroying the US, or be the enemy. Be the first they squash.


Or shorter headline: communism causes needless poverty and suffering.

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