Lisa Nandy has mounted an attack on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for perpetuating the “consensus that Thatcher built” to endure in a marked shift in tone as the race for the Labour leadership narrows. In a speech on Wednesday, Ms Nandy praised outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn for breaking the consensus that “economic conservatism was a bigger priority than people”.

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What's that I hear? Praising Corbyn, slagging off the most successful Labour government ever and seasoning it with the politics of division. That's the sound of Lisa Nandy stepping briskly to the left to appease the extremists. Unfortunately the result of the last election showed where that ends up. Labour staggers on like a zombie. Labours strongest politicians either left the party because of Corbyn or lost their seats, also because of Corbyn. We are left watching the inept ideologues that were given the safest seats as they steer a path down on the road to oblivion. Sorry Labour, it's time to break up the band.

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