San Francisco is suing its home state over drought-related water restrictions.

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As for causes of the drought, no one mentions that there are now over 35,000,000 more people living in CA than 100 years ago. I tend to think that the problem is not so much the amount of water flowing into the reservoirs as the amount of water flowing out.


There's no water shortage in California. Plenty of it is just off our coast. The problem is it's salty, and has to be desalinized for many uses. That too is possible, as Israel has proved. But our environmentalists are opposed to desalinization.


they grew more weed then they could sell this year.

while rationing water for normies. buy more weed folks,


CA has a drought policy, but won't use it. The next stage blocks housing starts, watering yards, cars and such. They won't pull that trigger because of the blowback. But hey, they don't want construction to stop, and those smelts in the delta that Trump said were less important than people and crops MUST be saved!

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