Mexican cartel members – who for years have carried out large scale, hidden pot-growing operations in U.S. national parks in California – are poisoning water and wildlife through the use of illegal pesticides banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new report published Tuesday.

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If it is banned by the EPA, why is it being produced in teh USA?

[Carbofuran is banned by the EPA, European Union, Canada and Brazil for all legal purposes. It is produced in the U.S. by Pennsylvania-based FMC Corp and exported to Mexico, India and other nations.]


The cartels could be eliminated overnight by simple legalization. They would not be able to grow like this if pot could be bought at a store. Take away the demand, and they cannot supply anything. The reason for the cartels is America's severe illicit drug demand. Make them all legal, first you take the thrill out of it, and second, you take anything the cartels had from them.


Nothing new here. Been going on for at least 20 years.

Matter of time until graffiti appears El Cap, or Half Dome


Should probably kill them with Blackhawk helicopters. Seems the prudent thing to do.

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