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This is good. One of the things the black community (and everyone else) needs is the return of prominence of the church. You'll know that the church is becoming a threat again when the "news" and entertainment media start attacking it wholesale again. When was the last time it did that? It's probably been about 30 years now.


It's pretty clear here from this that West's plan is to increase the racial divide and extort the hell out of the current political situation. Biden has chased off all the votes of the cops, many of which are black which will undoubtedly hinder him getting the number of blacks needed to win. West obviously sees this and wants those votes. His problem is that Kanye talked Trump up so well before that now he has to be careful to tear him down without sounding like a complete hypocrite!! My guess is he'll end up being labeled a hypocrite when Trump soundly trolls him right into a trap!


It's not pro choice! It's pro murdering babies!

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