Whether Jeffrey Epstein had languished for years awaiting trial under charges of operating a child sex ring – or been convicted – life behind bars for the disgraced money man would have been a far cry from the private islands and majestic mansions to which he'd grown accustomed.

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Your CIA propaganda isn't working. Epstein was killed, and anyone with two fucking brain cells knows it.


The author of this story is an idiot, Everybody knows what happens to child molesters in prison, this isn't news, and the term is called "chimo" not chomo lol Chomo would stand for CHOcalate MOlester lol


My friend did 5 years in upstate NY medium security prisons. He looked up prisoners after he got out, and found out there were many rapists where he was, but they all had cover stories. Known sex offenders were kept together at a separate facility.

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