The head of an elite Manhattan private school in the throes of an internal war over its progressive agenda is leaving at the end of the year.

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In his Friday note, Best listed some of his most notable achievements at the 89th Street K-12 school.

He listed "attracting and supporting a historically diverse student body, assembling a historically diverse faculty, staff, and Leadership Team; reenvisioning and reinvigorating curricula in science, math, world and classical languages, physical education and athletics; advancing an ambitious Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mission."

None of that, in and of itself, is worthy of note. It's not difficult to assemble a "diverse" body of brain-dead morons. One can enter any insane asylum in any major city in America and find a "historically diverse" body of patients.

As for the curricula, it again depends on how it's being "reenvisioned and reinvigorated" as to whether it is a positive or negative. Given that this is his list of most notable achievements, it's not much to brag about.

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