In a case that brought national attention to Florida’s  "Stand Your Ground" gun law, a jury on Friday night convicted a licensed gun owner on manslaughter charges after deliberating for six hours folowing a weeklong trial.

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Drejka was convicted of “Shooting While HUWHYTE PEEPUL”, period. Of course, the dead dindu dindu nuffin. Halfway down the article: “MUH RACISM!!!!!” - newsflash: less than 7% of the population is committing more than 65% of the violent crime.


There is no justice here. The primates think they can attack with impunity and the libtwat judges will convict you if you defend yourself from them. These apes and the judges who support them all deserve to die, each and every last one of them down to the smallest monkey child. Justice will be served when Shitskins and their Zookeepers are Extinct. Kill them all.


you got to admit tho, it was a good shot. right through the heart. tbh, wherever i see negros i don't stand and argue w/them i just GTFO


He'll win on appeal!

Crooked Court!


All news is fake news. This has nothing to do with "Stand Your Ground". If the jury convicted him, then by definition it was not a "Stand Your Ground" case because the prosecution would not have been allowed to bring up the possibility of retreat if it were.

For standing your ground to apply, you first have to have a claim of self-defense. You don't get to pick fights with people to create an excuse to shoot them, and you don't get to shoot them in retaliation for pushing you down. #2A

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