Baltimore’s state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, took aim at the city’s police union Saturday after union officials condemned a violent attack Friday night against a city police officer.

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Baltimore is a future model for a world without any active law enforcement. They've been trying to make it stick for years. This is what happens when things are run by blacks. I know that sounds racist, but its true. It's a microcosmic version of south africa in the city.


Good, keep it up you filthy apes and watch the blue flight intensify from that shit hole of a city.


Sounds like she needs to be removed. We'll give you Chicago's Kim Foxx, Juicie Smollett's friend.

[Mosby, 39, who became the state’s attorney for Baltimore in 2015]


People keep defending the Cops in these cases but they should not, there are NO innocent cops anywhere until they get over that "thin blue line" and stop defending or ignoring their brethren that have crossed the line and turn them in and MOST IMPORTANTLY quit breaking the laws and ignoring the Constitution themselves!

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