Concerns have sharply risen this week, one government intelligence source told Fox News, that rioters are purporting to move their storms of destruction  – which take place after the peaceful protests and typically involve a different set of people coming in – into more suburban areas, drumming up extra anxieties and fears of pushback by those defending their properties and families.

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Lets face it. As a whole the risks of them going to the suburbs is on them not the people. They will encounter people guarding their homes with firearms, not bats. Would love to see them using 12 Gauge rock salt loads for leg shots. They will never want a second hit.


Isn't that an awesome, if unintended, consequence of current crucible? "And amid the turmoil and uncertainty, gun sales are projected to soar nationwide this month as the unrest and looting continue, with store owners from Los Angeles to Virginia all documenting lines around the block on Monday." <>; (via Q: ) on :


That's a long run from city center to the suburbs.

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