Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, released a statement on Thursday to clarify her stance on President Trump's upcoming impeachment trial and claimed her past comments have been taken out of context and misunderstood. 

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"a Mischaracterization and misunderstanding' of impeachment stance"

Gee. I wonder why that is?!

Could it be because Susan Collins is a wishy washy attention whore that lives for the spotlight at every single contentious event that involves the media?

I get why both Liberals and Conservatives alike don't like her. She's the perennial RINO in a blue suit.


The Mittens Squad (Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski) are in a bind.

They would love to vote to convict Trump, if only for spite, but the reality is by the time the trial concludes the Republicans won't be able to convict--not if they want to have a credible candidate come November (there is literally no one ramping up in the wings waiting for Trump to get booted out, and even Mike Pence is not positioned to run in November). By the time the trial concludes it will be very nearly Super Tuesday. There will be no chance to run a field of candidates through a proper primary contest for the GOP. Donald Trump is the GOP candidate for 2020, or no one is.

Which means Susan Collins is looking for a plausible way to straddle the line and miraculously conclude that Trump did nothing impeachable at the end, after having weighed all the evidence.

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