Several Republican lawmakers sent a scathing letter to Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman on Thursday, saying the influential Internet message board systematically singled out and censored a once-popular pro-Trump forum known as "The Donald."

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I saw it happen on T_D from the start. The moderators bent over backwards trying to appease the Reddit admins, more than just about any other large subreddit on the website, and that still wasn't enough. Meanwhile, there were (and are) many other left-leaning subreddits that hardly lived up to the standards imposed on T_D, going as far as to break even general Reddit rules that would have had T_D banned long ago. Those subreddits were ignored even when attention was called to them, while T_D was held responsible for even the most rare posts that managed to slip by the moderators.

It was clearly censorship of the opposing political opinion. As the article suggests, it's fine to do this if the website is a publisher of materials, but that means that they are now responsible for all the content on their site, and and lose many of the protections they would have as a platform, which is more limited in the responsibility of the content it hosts.


And whooooo owwwwns Reddit? Why Commie-run Tencent, of course.


I hope they hit YouTube next.


Wow, a "scathing letter" eh? I bet those execs in the heaving Globalist Behemoth didn't know what hit'em.

They have planned what the next step, and the next step, and the next step is years in advance. Only chance to beat them at their own game is by doing things they didn't predict.

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