President Biden is considering sending a few thousand troops to Eastern Europe and the Blatic states as part of a broader NATO effort to bolster NATO allies who border Russia and Ukraine, given recent tensions, Fox News confirms.

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"When in Political or economic trouble at home, always start a war with a foreign "enemy". Kindergarten POLITICS. (see "The Mouse that Roared")


Another Jew War getting ginned up, for the Jews who took over Ukraine, so Jews can keep their planned "Israel 2.0" in the historic land of Khazaria, where Ashkenazis know they actually came from.


All Russia has to do and crush NATO, is once warmongering NATO opens the first shots, Russia moves the war directly into Europe. Invade Northern Germany, occupy it to Hamburg. Take total control over the Baltic and North Sea, destroy all shipping military and commercial. Establish a shipping kill zone in the English Channel. If it ain't Russian, sink it. Setup a control base Hamburg, controlling the airport. Occupy more German territory to form a buffer and protect the operations in Hamburg. From Hamburg bomb and destroy without restraint all military, government, financial, manufacturing and energy production in all major cities throughout Germany, the UK and France. Destroy the Chunnel connecting the UK to France. Destroy all (or as much of the) trans Atlantic cabling between Europe and North America. Carpet bomb and annihilate without regard for loss of life all major cities in Austria and Switzerland. Its the only way to wipe out Germany's backup after the war is over and it'll hinder global elites wealth. Start a major propaganda campaign in Ukraine, that NATO is invading them. Wins the hearts and minds of the people. Conduct secrets ops and wipe out the NATO puppets controlling the Ukrainian government. Take control over the Ukrainian military and prepare the civilian population for a partisan war against NATO. Any US ships in the Black Sea should be dealt with immediately sinking them and setting a non entry point into the black sea denying strategic and tactical support for a ground war in the Ukraine. To do this Russia would have to move quick and mobilize everything its got and never go on the defensive keeping NATO on defense and reacting. Its has to be all proactive and deliberate action. Whatever else is left, the Russian winters will finish off the NATO armies and their arrogance with attrition.

You see, the arrogant European leaders think war will be okay because they think the war will be in the Ukraine and not in their backyard. But if Russia can move the war into their backyard, displace their civilian population, quickly negate all government and economic activity, they'll crumble like a house of cards all built on decades of socialist democracy bullshit instead of nationalism and national defense. They suck and they know it. Russia just has to move quick enough to keep the United States off balance. If they can do that, they'll win.


there's a fox news section on dissenter? holy shit, might as well throw in CNN

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