Voters in battleground state Wisconsin have cast over one million absentee ballots well over a week before Election Day. 

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That may be so, but there's only 600,000 Registered voters!!! Sure I just made that up, but do NOT be surprised if it turns out being True anyway!!!! I've done it before!!!

I also claimed the Russian collusion story was BS, before Trump even called it BS!!!

I called the Jesse Smollett fake hate claims, before his sham even fell apart!!!!!

I called the black chick who claimed she was jumped by Trump supports Full of shit, long before she admitted she made it up!!!

When an ( alleged ) White supremacist was going around a college campus spray painting Swastikas all over campus, I believe I was the first to say ( & explained why ) it was NOT a White supremacist, & instead was a black person, which is EXACTLY how that story ended!!! I knew it wasn't a White supremacist knows how to spray paint a swastika, & the hack job done on them, told me right away....A black person spray painted them!!!

I'm NOT bragging here....I'm just pointing out how stupid the left is!!!

It's less to do with my greatness ( although that certainly does play a roll ) It actually has more to do with the other side sucking on such an epic level!!!!


There is almost no reason for that many people to have voted that early anywhere. So many things can change that far out.

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