Democrats are eagerly awaiting the chance to question former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his findings from the Russia investigation, but the timing of the sweltering summer hearings could give those same lawmakers reason to sweat. 

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Somebody better ask him " Exactly when did you find the FISA documents used to obtain surveillance warrants completely false and why did you not stop the investigation immediately after that finding?" Why were the FISA docs never validated to begin the investigation? If the FBI couldn't prove and your office couldn't prove the FISA docs had any merit to them, why did the investigation continue? " I have a few questions for this fuck.


#Mueller isn't going to say anything other than the content and conclusions are in the report. How the investigation started, or the #FISA documents, or anything else he'll claim no knowledge. But even him testifying means he'll have to clear up the #DOJ rule on #indicting a sitting #President, which the #FakeNews #MSM ignored when his team and AG #Barr sent out a joint statement after his last press conference.


Hopefully we will finally be able to get enough evidence to execute hillary and obama for the treason everyone knows they commited

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