Dr. Anthony Fauci has argued that he is an easy target during the coronavirus pandemic because he stands for "science, data and hard facts" rather than "conspiracy theories." 

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Which truth would that be, Tony, you flip-flopping, lying piece of dog-shit?


Fauxi is not only the science, but the truth now. I wonder when he will declare himself God.


Inconvenient for himself. It takes very little investigation to find a video of he himself stating that research into an MRNA "vaccine" would take a decade. Then they got the gene sequence from the Chinese lab that he funded and started making the mark of the beast just three hours later. It still isn't approved, but they pretend to the whole world that it has been. Explain the purpose of that (if anyone can)!!! The science doesn't add up. The data doesn't add up. The money trail doesn't add up. The government lies don't add up. The corporate lies don't add up. The religion seems to point straight to satan. Even the family history of the sponsors points to eugenics. Then you look at what is in a vile and it is poison on the microscope.It is poison by other analysis. The data sheet says it is poison, or if it doesn't the ingredients of the ingredients are poison. You can follow it all the way to a company that makes polyethylene glycol lipid crap in China. But we are "conspiracy theorists". Enough Provide a sample of the virus so that people can point to the crisper tech and the manipulations and say " oh yes, it does exist, now lock away the criminals! Or should we just say that it doesn't exist and move on instead? at least 7 times the bastards have failed to prove existence, because when they do... And magically right on cue when the "vaccines" have been distributed the now extinct flu, is resurrected from oblivion to lower the cases somewhat. Is there a twat alive somewhere who can believe this shit?

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