Defense Secretary Mark Esper declared Wednesday that despite President Trump's remarks earlier this week, he is not in favor of the president invoking the Insurrection Act in order to send the U.S. military to quell violent protests.

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Dump the Douchebag Mr President. I don't give the Steam off Hillary's Piss, about his "Opinions"


Not a big deal. Advisors and officials are going to disagree with the President. Not all supervisors agree with the boss, just how it is. Now, if he works to actively undermine or thwart the President, that is a different story. I do not see that here.

Exemplary: "Defense Science Board member James Miller resigned Tuesday following the incident, citing Esper's failure to oppose the use of force in clearing the crowd. "If last night’s blatant violations do not cross the line for you, what will?" Miller wrote in a resignation letter that was published by the Washington Post."

This is exactly what we expect from people in high positions. If you disagree with the actions or decisions of your superiors enough to be indignant and leak to the media, then you should have the integrity to resign your position. Otherwise, you suck it up, do you job, and not be a bitch.

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