A State Department official told the House impeachment inquiry on Friday that he heard President Trump talking with E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland about “investigations” in Ukraine.

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It has become clear that Dems fear a Biden indictment that is coming because it all leads back to Obama and DNC leadership. They should not escape prosecution. Swing Obama, Swing.


I mean I might not be to bright... but DON'T WE HAVE THE FUCKING TRANSCRIPTS OF THIS CALL?


the only criminals in this are the Bidens (and the treasonous dems who somehow think they can sweep bidens crimes under the rug buy implying that DJT broke the law._)

The president has not only the right but the DUTY to enlist a foreign country to investigate corruption of our elected officials. Especially when they admit on crime of bully bribing them with OUR taxpayer assets to subvert their justice system into not investigating a company that his son works for.

There is NOTHING wrong with the president withholding taxpayers support if the Ukrainians insist on giving corruption a pass.

The demotards have gone too far with this one. Bidens should have known when to walk away. his crimes would probably have never been exposed if he just kept his mouth shut and did enter the race.


Lets just put Biden and Schiff in front of the firing squad and be done with it


Thus far on testimonies they heard what Schiff told them to hear. Wich after being rattled by the republicans it went south...next!!..its all still an unimpeachable offense lefttards

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