House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler Thursday accused President Trump of putting his own personal interests above national security and American democracy and charged that Trump is the only president in history to violate his oath of office so flagrantly.

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I'm seeing alot of jews attacking the president. Their new way of "poisoning the well"?


So with Nixon there was a break in that he alledgedly put people up to. With Trump no investigation into the Bidens was ever announced and the aid was given to the Ukraine so you can't even argue bribery. There was literally no crime here.

Going back to Nixon though I use alledgedly because the fake news media is just god awful. I mean we have the internet to fact check them now but in the 70s they were the central information authority and they were compromised by the deep state. So anyone the conventional media tells me is a bad guy especially if I wasn't there I question it automatically.


Nixon was NOT forced to resign because he lied about a minor burglary committed by someone else. The idea is absurd.

He was forced out because he ended the Vietnam war and the war profiteers (bankers and news media) didn't want it to end.

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