Joe Biden said Monday that police should be trained to “shoot ‘em in the leg instead of the heart,” amid five straight days of protest following the death of George Floyd.

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Police dont aim for the heart, they aim for center mass as its the biggest target and easiest to aim for when stressed. The fact the heart is in that general area is a happy coincidence. Reguardless theres 3 good reasons why you dont aim for disabling shots. 1 hitting the leg is alot harder when under fire. When every shot needs to count you dont go for shots that will see most of the mag hit everything but what your aiming at. 2 even if you do hit the leg it may not stop the target who may continue to do whatever lead to you needing to use a gun and not some other method of conflict resolution. 3 YOU DON'T POINT A GUN AT SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT DEAD!

Seriously I wish brain dead people who want to lecture us on proper gun use would at least take a basic firearms safety course before opening their traps. Better yet take a couple tactical firearms courses to understand exactly how difficult some of their "Suggestions" are and why they are impractical.


Yeah Joe because there are no major arteries in the leg right? Fucking idiot.


Joe has been convinced that police have the 3D Fallout games' VATS system. Like cops get to freeze time and spend AP to target specific points, then shoot in slow motion. This fucker would trip and fall trying to run water.

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