Pro-life lawmakers in Alabama lit a national firestorm this week by approving a near-total ban on abortion and imposing harsh penalties on doctors who perform the procedure. But supporters of the legislation do not expect it to take effect without a fight -- and that's by design. 

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This is so absurd on its face that Alabama is doing this now. It will not be allowed to be enforced until it goes all the way to the SCOTUS who will most likely strike it down. Justice Roberts has made it very clear in multiple statements he is not going to overturn Roe v Wade.

So what does this law actually accomplish then? Well a bunch of Alabamtards get to virtue signal how righteous they are while doing something that will save exactly zero babies while rabidly catalyzing leftists to take action which could cost the republicans control of the US Senate or the Presidency in 2020, and if that happens then the odds of getting Roe v Wade overturned anytime in the foreseeable future disappear completely.

The short version - This is really an incredibly stupid thing to do right now - and it won't save one life.

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