Doug Burns, who is a former federal prosecutor in the Criminal Division of the Eastern District of New York and a practicing attorney, suggested that Democrats, "may end up walking away" from their effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

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We must impeach!

OK we'll take a vote! Well, no we won't.

He must be impeached!

OK let's gather for a vote. Yeah no.

Why is he not being impeached! He must be impeached.

This is really all about talking about impeachment. That's all they have. They don't have answers for the people and Trump is doing a pretty good job so there's nothing really to campaign on. All they have is Orange Hitler must be impeached! But they can't because there's no reason to impeach him. So they're reduced to talking about impeachment.

Trump has taken all their toys away and all they can do is sit and talk about impeachment. It would be sad if it weren't so hilarious.


Yeah yeah! We 'chose' not to pursue it but we could have for the record! Right! And if you believe that I have some beach front land in Nevada to sell you! Prime land once Cal. falls in the ocean! Call me! We'll talk!


Of course, the #leftists are hoping that their #Witchhunt fishing expedition will get something that is solid enough to nail #Trump after an actual vote. Funny, for all the #FakeNews Tuesday about the latest #Bombshell that wasn't enough.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist or an MIT professor to know that they didn't do a vote because they didn't want to have [Democratic House members] stand up in districts that were against it and have to vote for it," said Burns, adding that some moderate #Democrats are hesitant to declare their support for #impeachment.


What we are seeing is the house democrats becoming tyrants. The founders in their infinite wisdom included an amendment for specifically handling tyrants.

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2019-56-Th 01:56:01 pm

What we eye seeing is the house democrats becoming tyrants. The founders in their infinite wisdom included an amendment for specifically handling tyrants.


One word for the COLLECTIVISTS:



Why do they need legal analysts, what the Dems are doing isn't legal.


Here's how I see it, they ain't gonna give this up without passing the impeachment on their side, even if the Senate automatically rejects it. The Democrats gotta show their crazy mouth-breathing base that they tried to impeach Trump but that the Republicans wouldn't let them.


What " impeachment efforts"? There hasn't been any. They must have a vote in the HOR, in order to pursue any such "efforts", which they have not and won't. The democrat shit show, is not an effort to impeach the president, it's an effort to gin up terror/violence, from their ever so willing, base.


Republicans need to keep storming the basement until she does. What she is doing is right out of Stalin's Russia and needs to be stopped.


Nazi Pigosi has nothing no collusion no obstruction a big nothing 🍔

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