2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter, did nothing unethical or illegal with regard to their ties to Ukraine, and are being used as a distraction by President Trump and the GOP, said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., during a Sunday television interview. 

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Then why are they afraid of Hunter testifying? Dems are a joke.


Chris Murphy? Oh well it must be so then! NOT! You guys are hilarious! Chris Murphy is only there because he is related to the same bloodline as Castro and others and even the current resident of the office of the Pope in Vatican City! You can see the Hapsburg lip that is the tell all because all the males have the same lip which is genetic. Even the women have it. Castro, Murphy, Kerry all related and all blue bloods! All they push is the fantasy narrative agenda!


Riiight. Just like Hillary got $145 million, from the Russians who bought Uranium One, for the "Clinton Foundation" ? Nothing to see here, according to the Demorrhoids, and their MSM ass-buddies.


Lol I like how they report this as if it means something. It's like saying your mom thinks you're handsome.🙄


Well....coming from a communist on a fellow communists defense ..Bloe Biden and sons activities inwich committed federal crimes bc that's exactly what they did its irrelevent

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2019-40-Mo 05:40:09 pm

Well....coming from a communist trad on fellow communist federal felons bc that's exactly what they are its a....'ll irrelevent..next!!!!!!

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