CNN sounded the "breaking news" alarm Friday after Republican John Kasich -- a CNN contributor and frequent critic of President Trump -- bucked the GOP and expressed his support for impeachment.

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Geez another traitor running scared of dumbocrat lies so it pissweakly abandons ship


Some RINO said something.


And all the people hear is CNN saying,"I don't like Donald Trump he deserves to be impeached" But they have absolutely nothing else to add to why they want him impeached because there is no other reason! The fact is DJT makes their skin crawl! Hey Kasich guess what? I like making your skin crawl, and Hillary's and every democrats so I'm supporting Donald just so he can keep making your skin crawl for another four years!


Kasich is about as important as Don Lemon, turning tricks in the parking lot. It just doesn't fucking matter....get it ?


Which Democratic 2020 presidential candidate is Kasich endorsing?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the New York Times itself dispelled the notion that there was any kind of 'aid for Biden investigation' scheme even possible just a couple days into the manufacturing of the Ukraine scandal.

They said that the Ukrainians had no clue that the military aid was withheld. Which means there cannot have been a 'quid pro quo.'

Furthermore, why should anyone care if there was? We know Biden and his son are guilty as sin. We have the tape of Biden bragging about extorting the old Ukrainian administration. We have the facts about his cocaine addict son. We know what happened in Ukraine, we know what happened in China. The idea that we would withhold hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars from a notoriously corrupt country until we had some assurances that the new administration was actually going to keep their promise to combat that corruption? I'm completely fine with that. Frankly, I don't see why we even bother risking the money. Chances are Zelensky will be just as corrupt, and we have plenty of problems here at home that could use intelligently applied funding.

So what does that leave the communists and the globalist RINO cunts? The notion that Zelensky wouldn't get a White House invitation if he didn't investigate Biden and Burisma? Number one, big fucking deal. Number two, the same argument from before still applies. I'm totally fine with that. We know Biden is guilty. The only reason he and his son (as well as the rest of the Deep State actors) are not behind bars is because most of the Republicans are RINO cunts like Kasich.

If there was any kind of consistency or fairness to our system of justice, I'd bet that 75-80% of both houses of Congress would be in Leavenworth or executed.


Women commentators send the moldy establishment failing news in a frenzy. They like to rape and abuse women. They're all sick.

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2019-05-Sa 01:05:10 pm

Women commentators send the moldy establishment failing news in a frenzy. Their all sick.

2019-39-Sa 01:39:50 pm

Women commentators send the moldy establishment failing news in a frenzy. They're all sick.


see what happens when Barnum and Bailey closed down..put clowns outta work.


Republicans built China, of course they hate Trump.

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