CNN's Don Lemon railed against unvaccinated people, calling them "idiots," and implored Americans to "start doing things for the greater good of society."

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Hitler, Stalin and Mao all used the expression 'for the greater good"

There is no greater good than individual rights


Break it out faggot, we're waiting. Vaccinate Lemon, and his kind with a lead πŸ’₯ injection.



There is no greater good, but lets play this stupid game for a moment.

The following are undisputed, officially published facts.

  1. Between the ages of 0 - 70 yrs old 99.6% of people will survive a rona infection and the vast majority of those infections will be asymptomatic.
  2. From 70 - 80 yrs old it drops to 97% of infections will survive, against the vast majority of them being asymptomatic.
  3. From 80+ yrs old the survival rate drops to 95%
  4. Of the deaths *with the chinese coronavirus, the overwhelming majority of people have 4 - 5 comorbidities and we do not know how much of a factor the rona was, if it has even been established. The vast majority of people that die are extremely old or extremely chronically ill.
  5. Of all recorded chinese coronavirus deaths, only 5% are attributed to dying exclusively from the rona.
  6. The jab does not prevent transmission or infection, which was the whole selling point behind rushing it in the first place.
  7. Wearing masks do not prevent transmission or infection.
  8. We were initially told that more than 2 millions Americans alone would die of the rona IF they followed draconian government actions, and 3 years later we aren't even halfway there with the fallaciously over bloated official numbers.

If we are arguing for "the greater good", then the only sound argument is that government should not be allowed to behave as it has. The draconian actions have ruined economies across the world, caused countless deaths from suicides and lack of medical treatment and institutionalized fascist authoritarianism in once "democratic" states.

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