The World Health Organization is holding a meeting Friday to discuss the dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases in South Africa that has been blamed on a new variant of the virus.

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Wanna know the cure to all of this.. unplug your TV and computer until the arrest start happening.


Lol! You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until the Merck covid pill hits the streets. It is designed to scramble genes and cause mutations. Really. Imagine millions of people taking drugs that are purpose-built to mutate viruses. Can you say "goodbye human race"? I knew you could....


To achieve a manageable One World Order, about 6 billion of the 7 billion humans in the world must die. Bonus, dead don’t pollute. The Wuhan Plague helps greatly to achieve a manageable One World Order. Death is also the key for Green New Deal to succeed, not taxes. Dead don’t pollute.

Green New Deal a scam. Does not slow pollution but increases pollution. Gradually taking $100-150 trillion for GND from employers and paychecks of employees can’t be done without polluting. All businesses pollute. Then spending the taxes taken creates more pollution.

What does pollution do? Causes death. What does death do, slows pollution, and the bonus, helps install a manageable One World order. Death like the Wuhan plague, abortion, endless foreign wars, endless Gangland wars, unhealthy foods, dumbing down education, poverty, open borders, drug overdose, poverty, crime, suicide, etc.

Recap, death is the real way to slow pollution, and the bonus, helps create a manageable One World Order.

The OWO goal, reduce global population by 6 billion. A billion remain. 1 ruler with gun, 50 million controllers with guns, 250 million enforcers with guns, 700 million slaves without guns. Still polluting, but far less. With government still the biggest polluter with One Word Order.

WHO, Fauci and all are instrumental in using an endless plague to help achieve a manageable One World Order. About 6 billion gotta go. Just say’n.

Done easily when to succeed in their job all must be and are self-serving, callous, deceiving, death dabbling parasites, that live large from taxation (enslaving/control).


New variant mutated in fully vaccinated people? Looks like the vaccinated are f'cked.

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