A prop gun shooting accident on the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie, "Rust," at the Bonanza Creek Ranch on the outskirts of Sante Fe, New Mexico sent two members of the film crew to the hospital – one of whom – a woman, has died, Fox News has confirmed.

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Now is the time for a little campaign for requiring all actors to pass an NRA gun safety course, and a refresher every two years in order to handle prop guns.


Close proximity discharge from a prop gun with blanks can be lethal. Brandon Lee screwing around with set members after a shoot, playing with a gun loaded with blanks placed the muzzle next to his temple, pulled the trigger and killed himself thinking that a blank could not kill you.


Why does everyone assume it was a "prop gun"?
Obviously, it was a real gun and in the hands of Alec Baldwin it killed one and wounded another.
If Baldwin had known even the most fundamental rule about firearms, its that you always assume the gun is fully loaded & can kill or wound. You respect the tool (gun).
I want to know if the shots were part of a scene or merely Alec Baldwin farting around with a loaded firearm???


Now the blame switches to the set crew, mystery is how a live round, now we know it was a bullet that was fired, and not a blank, was in the gun. Baldwin is said to have been ranting about Trump, then he pointed the gun at the actress and pulled the trigger. Involuntary manslaughter at the very least, an example would be if you slug a guy at bar, and he dies, you will serve at least one year in prison.

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